In its production facilities FILKAB JSCo. manufacture:


  • All types of power switchboards: power distribution switchboards, automation and control systems switchboards, electrometer boards, power switchboards for residential and public buildings, metal boxes FIL, etc.;
  • Complete Concrete Transformer Stations (CCTS) for power supply of residential and industrial consumers from cable lines up to 20 kV. Complete Commutation Equipment (CCE) for secondary distribution of power supply СрН;
  • section „Measurement" designed for connection to any type of power distribution unit СрН;


Production Department has at its disposal modern storage facilities maintaining in stock the products required for its production. We have a modern technological complex for sheet steel working, areas for metal-working, pressing, welding and assembly of metal structures, assembly workshops for the manufacture of electric switchboards, CCTS and CCE.


The latest machines and technologies and the highest quality electric materials are used in production.






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