The personnel of FILKAB JSCo. counts highly qualified specialists involved in design and engineering work. They have long and extensive experience in design and implementation of projects in the fields of power distribution and networks, industrial automation and control systems. The designers use CAD software in the design of complete automation and control systems. They have at their disposal state-of-the-art 3D modeling software used to make three-dimensional models of switchboards and Complete Concrete Transformer Stations (CCTS). Every finished item is supplied with complete execution documentation as follows:


  • wiring diagrams;
  • specifications of input equipment;
  • specifications of terminals and terminal boards;
  • list of all cable connections inside the item, etc.;


We design:  

  • complete transformer stations, main and distribution boards for transformer substations up to 8500 A, standalone distribution switchboards up to 0.4 kV, switchboards for residential buildings and electrometer boards, custom boards and control panels for measuring and control equipment;
  • complete design of electric installations and delivery of all units, devices, accessories and fittings included in the project


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