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Complete Concrete Transformer Substation for power supply of public and industrial consumers from cable lines of 20kV

We design and produce Complete Concrete Transformer Stations low voltage - FK-4-S - 2x800kVA and FK-5-S - 1000kVA, which are distinguished for their compactness in height. They are used for power supply of residential and industrial consumers from 20kV cable lines. Compared to the older versions FK-4 and FK-5, the new ones - FK-4-S и FK-5-S, are 50 cm lower, which reduces the construction's volume when using gas-insulated Complete Distribution Stations.

Transformer Stations FK-4-S и FK-5-S are product, completely supplied with - transformer, MV distribution station 20кV, LV device 0,4 кV and all other obligatory equipment in accordance with the legal framework and the project requirements.



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