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FILKAB JSCo won a Gold Medal in International Technical Fair - Plovdiv 2012

Filkab JSCo regularly participates as an exhibitor at the International Exhibition of Electronics and Electrical Engineering - ELTECH.

This year the company was awarded with a Gold Medal and Diploma for Schneider Electric's product - SmartLink in category "Electronics and electrical engineering, information technology, telecommunications and office equipment." The SmartLink product was received the Prize for Innovative product by the Bulgarian Association of Electrical and Electronics (BASSEL).



Acti9 SmartLink: The heart of the system


Modbus processing interface providing:

  • Circuit breaker status
  • Energy meter output
  • Contractor / impulse relay control and status


Smart function integrated:

  • Energy counting from pulses
  • Average power calculation
  • Event counting
  • Running hours


For more information: Dipl. eng. Tzenko Makaveev - +359 32 608 580