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FILKAB JSCo won two Gold Medals and Prize for Innovative product

Filkab JSCo regularly participates as an exhibitor at the International Exhibition of Electronics and Electrical Engineering - ELTECH.

This year the company was awarded with two Gold Medals and Diplomas for:

•        Manufacture of Modular Metal Switchboards - Series HL;

•        Harmony XB5R - Wireless button without battery of Schneider Electric France. For the same product Filkab JSCo and Schneider Electric Bulgaria received the Prize for Innovative product by the Bulgarian Association of Electrical and Electronics (BASSEL).


Characteristics for Modular Metal Switchboards - Series HL:


•  IP 30 / IP 55 (with door and packing for accession)

•  IK 08

•  Fire-resistant: 750° / 30 s

•  Heat-proof current lcw: up to 110 kA (with 4000 А tire system)

•  3  width:

-        475 mm (wiring)

-        725 mm (24 modules in a row)

-        975 mm (36 modules in a row or 24 modules in a row + external wiring)

•  For installing of equipment up to 4000 А

•  3 types of front panels (tightly closed by screws with or without hinges, with hinges and locks)

•  Freedom of distribution: standard or optimized (frame installing, 250 А or 400 А series of allocation blocks)

•  Forms of separation: up to 4b

•  Service index: IS 333

•  Color: RAL 7035

•  In accordance to IEC 60439-1


The new Modular Metal Switchboards - Series HL are available in 3 widths and 3 depths, so it is easy for You to create the configuration You. Enclosures can be joined side by side or back to back, and each panel can be replaced by a door to define the composition most suited to Your requirements. There are no restrictions with these fully modular enclosures. Likewise, freedom of distribution has received particular attention: "standard or optimized" distributions which not only make for easy assembly, but also enable You to save time when installing them as well as during maintenance and extension operations. These Modular Metal Switchboards - Series HL fits in perfectly with the whole range of enclosures, both in terms of appearance and installation method.


1052107710901072108310851086_10901072107310831086_hl_120_02   For more information of Modular Metal Switchboards - HL: Dipl. Eng. Atanas Iliev - +359 32 277 180



Characteristics for wireless buttons of Schneider Electric - Harmony XB5R:


Harmony XB5R is a new range of wireless buttons of Schneider Electric, which helps in higher productivity in the industry.

Wireless technology helps for quickly and easily installation in both new and existing applications such as bottling, packaging, conveyors, lighting control and etc.

You no longer need to run long cable lines through the machine or cable trays to be button connected to the switchboard. Thanks to its unique wireless technology, Harmony XB5R needs no wiring. That saves time and money at every installation - up to 20% reduction of total installation costs, in comparison with buttons with wiring. Furthermore, radio frequency 2.4 GHz makes it suitable for use anywhere in the world; give an opportunity to unlock the full potential of the machines and equipment wherever it's located.

Harmony XB4R provides full control and long distance - up to 25 m with installed receiver in metal switchboard and range up to 100 m in open space.  For clients' convenience, there are packages ready for use with paired transmitter and receiver, which are eliminating the need for adjustments. If you need a specific decision can be separately selected components and to one receiver can be connected to 32 buttons.

Harmony XB5R gave freedom and flexibility to consumers, operators can control the machine even in greater distances. Wireless buttons saves overall installation costs with up to 20% and increase productivity through convenience of work, machines flexibility and operators mobility. And because Schneider Electric wireless buttons doesn't use battery, it's achieved permanent work without anxieties about battery replacement and its recycling.



harmony_xb5r_120_02For more information of new Harmony XB5R: Dipl. Eng. Tsenko Makaveev  - +359 32 608 580