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Filkab JSCo with new branch office in Sofia

Dear customers,



In this letter we wish to inform You that Filkab JSCo has a new branch office with warehouse in Sofia. The address is: 

BG-1225 Sofia, Voenna Rampa Reg., 15, Nesho Bonchev Str. 




Manager: Mr. Pavlin Gardev
Tel:    +359 (2) 936 60 31
Mob.: +359 (887) 722 794
Fax:   +359 (2) 936 75 92
E-mail: sofia@filkab.com 

We sincerely hope that this will improve the quality of services we offer in that part of the service and logistics. At the same time we are confident that this venture will enable us to develop and strengthen our work. We would like to assure You that will keep the integrity and loyalty of our existing relationships by ensuring that they will not undertake any activities to direct Your customers in this market.