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HEAT TRACE - heating cables and accessories

Heat Trace Ltd. is a global company providing complete heat tracing solutions. When Neil Malone founded the company in 1974, electric heat tracing was still in its formative years. In the three decades since, it has developed into a significant industry based on quality principals. In Bulgaria it is Filkab JSCo. that you should contact as your regional exclusive representative of Heat Trace.

Heat tracing, or surface heating, is the method of heating and/or maintaining temperatures in pipelines, tanks and vessels. For over three decades Heat Trace has been a leader in this industry.


Heat Trace developed and patented the world's first cut-to-length parallel resistance heating cable in the 1970's. This was followed in the early 80's by 3 phase Longline series cables for heating long pipelines. Both of these heaters were based on foil technology and remain within the company's product range today. More recent developments include the patented AHT - the world's first mineral insulated, metal-sheathed cut-to-length parallel resistance cable for high temperatures or high power duties.


As an innovative company, Heat Trace Ltd. have recognised that a complete heat tracing system must include purpose made products and solutions for instrument lines, sample lines and site-run small bore pipework. HotLine pre-insulated tubing bundles provide the ideal solution for these applications.


Other patented heater systems include the "Duoflex" heater, for long distance sub-sea flexible heated pipes, developed with our partner company Technip Coflexip, as well as "HOTWAT Pipe", a pre-insulated and heat traced instant hot water pipe for buildings. Today, Heat Trace manufacture the world's largest range of self-regulating semi-conductive heating cables, from 12 volts to 750 volts, with outputs up to 120W/metre and withstand temperatures of up to 250°C, the worlds highest withstand temperature for this style of heater. Heat Trace have also patented a process for resurrecting failed semi-conductive heating products (usually of competitor manufacturers!).


The company patented Powermatch, a self-regulating proportional controller (as opposed to ON/OFF thermostatic control) that turns heater power up or down in response to changes in heat losses. Although launched almost 20 years ago, the benefits of proportional control to safety and efficiency have only recently been recognised on a global basis.


Today, Heat Trace's range of electronic control and monitoring equipment extends from simple thermostats, to microprocessor controls capable of integration with full plant SCADA and DCS systems.


Heat Trace were perhaps the first heat tracing company to recognise the important link between control technology and the "safety, efficiency, reliability and performance" of heat tracing installations.


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