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Light show, organized by Filkab JSco. and Philips Lighting



Filkab JSCo. and Philips Lighting have the pleasure to invite you to a presentation of the newest products of Philips in the sphere of LED lighting. 


Please, welcome to our show in open on 11 July 2007 at 3p.m. at Filkab - Plovdiv.








Benefits of LED Lighting


More ways to express your creativity 

  • Changing colors and intensity
  • Incorporation in objects


Redefine what is possible

  • Transformation of atmospheres
  • Stopping power
  • Drawing and directing customer
  • Dramatize architecture with colors varying from pure white to pastel shades to highly saturated, vivid colors.


Saturated surroundings with color

  • emphasize the beauty of architectural design

Create imaginative new effects today 

  • long life, low temperature, shock and dust-resistance.



intuos_multi_led2_400_120  intuos_multi_led_400_120  intuos_multi_led4_400_120