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NEW products from Helmholz

The new NetLink Pro Compact MPI/Profibus/PPI to Ethernet gateway combines flexibility, small size and even more applications than its predecessor. Advanced features include automatic baud rate detection, fixed IP address or DHCP, RFC 106 (ISO on TCP/IP), automatic baud rate detection and CPU-to-CPU communications. The integrated RJ45 socket allows the use of standard Cat-5 cables with lengths of up to 100m. A 3m Ethernet cable is included in the scope of supply.



NETLink® USB Compact offers flexibility and compact design with the advantages of plug and play via USB. It may be connected to any MPI/PROFIBUS interface of the bus system. The second PG socket permits connection of further devices.The connection with the PC is established using the integrated 3 m high-speed USB cable. The NETLink® USB Compact is supplied with power from the USB bus. At the USB end, the protocols Fullspeed (12 Mbps) and Highspeed (480 Mbps) are supported. The NETLink® USB Compact permits conversion of a USB interface to MPI/PROFIBUS for programming or visualization with the full transmission rate of up to 12 Mbps with max. 32 simultaneous links.




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