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New Text Display for SIMATIC S7-200 by Siemens




•        Multi-screen workstation and extremely good readability thanks to backlit four-line display

•        Customizable operator interface with 15 tactile keys

•        Acoustic and visual feedback from key operation

•        Optimal support of the S7-200:

             -   Direct connection to the S7-200 interface via supplied cable

             -   No separate power supply required

             -   Parameterization with STEP 7-Micro/WIN V4 SP6



Area of application


The TD 400C Text Display is the optimal solution for all human machine interfacing tasks of the SIMATIC S7-200. The customizable operator interface enables optimal adaptation of the device to the surroundings in which it is used.

It enables:


•        Display of message texts

•        Intervention in the control program, e.g. setpoint changes

•        Setting of inputs and outputs, e.g. for switching a motor on and off


Compatibility with the TD 100C, TD 200 and TD 200C Text Displays:
The TD 400C Text Display is not compatible with the existing Text Displays. (different installation dimensions, configuration cannot be transferred).





The TD 400C is connected to the S7-200 using the supplied connecting cable. A separate power supply is not required. It is also possible to connect several TD 400Cs to one S7-200.

The TD 400C has the following:


•        3.7" STN LCD backlit display
Up to 4 text lines can be configured.


•        Rugged plastic housing in degree of protection IP65 (on front), IP20 (on rear)
Increased waterproofing because there are no slots for labeling strips.


•        Installation depth of 31 mm
The TD 400C can be installed in control cabinets or used as a handheld device without any other accessories.


•        Customizable operator interface
The design (colors, pictures, text, etc.) of the operator interface can be individually designed. Configuration is carried out with the Keypad Designer (component part of STEP 7-Micro/WIN).


•        Configuration of tactile keys
Up to 15 permanently positioned, tactile keys can be assigned numerous functions (e.g. direction keys, messages, Set PLC bit).


•        Connection for optional power supply
A power supply is required at a distance of more than 2.5 m between the TD 400C and S7-200. PROFIBUS bus cables are then available in place of the supplied connecting cable.





•        Display of message texts

Up to 80 message texts (alarms) with up to 6 variables display current operating states and can be optionally parameterized as requiring acknowledgement and additionally protected by a password. In addition, up to 64 static messages, also with up to 6 variables, can be configured. Message texts can be displayed in two lines or four lines depending on the character size set. Four lines with 12 Chinese characters or 24 ASCII characters per line. Two lines with 8 Chinese characters or 16 ASCII characters per line.


•        Display and modification of process parameters
Process parameters are shown on the display and can be modified using the input keys, e.g. for setting temperatures or changing speeds.


•        Setting inputs and outputs
A memory bit is assigned to each of the programmable function keys. These bits can then be set during operation, e.g. at startup, and during test and diagnostics. In this way, motors can be controlled, for example, without having to install additional operator elements in the system.


•        Additional functions and features
For example, processing of floating-point numbers, different data blocks for operating several TDs on one CPU, password protection for integral SETUP menu, and modifiable variables.


•        Activation of the TD 400C editing mode by the PLC
Variables embedded in messages can be edited direct without pressing the Enter key and moving the cursor to the variable.


•        Setting a PLC bit


           -   Set bit:
When a function key is pressed, a bit is set in the PLC. This must be reset again via the user program.


           -   Momentary:
When a function key is pressed, a bit is set, and when the key is released, the bit is deleted.


•        New character set (Greek, Latin2, Turkish) for supporting further languages


•        Programming of the S7-200 memory submodule


•        Selecting the operating mode of the CPU (RUN/STOP)


•        Editing of the V memory area





The configuration data of the TD 400C is stored in the CPU of the S7-200. The message texts and the configuration parameters are created with the STEP 7-Micro/WIN V4 SP6 programming software. Additional parameterization software is not required. The operating front design is configured with the Keypad Designer (component part of STEP 7-Micro/WIN V4 SP6).


Special data areas are reserved in the CPU of the S7-200 for data exchange with the TD 400C. The TD 400C accesses each of the required functions of the CPU direct via these data areas. User-friendly parameterization takes place via a dedicated TD 400 Wizard in STEP 7-Micro/WIN V4 SP6.





That new product from SIMATIC's series You can find in FILKAB JSCo, Electrical Equipment and Automation Devices Dept.