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New commercial and logistics center in Plovdiv

As of October 2007, to meet the increasing requirements of its present and future customers, FILKAB JSCo. has opened a new trade center in Plovdiv. The company aims at proving itself as a leading European company in the sector with regard to quality and product range, and to offer better conditions and conveniences to the client. Together with the administrative building a new warehouse for cables and electrical equipment has also been opened.


The administrative building is of threee floors. On the first floor are the sales offices and the cash desks. The clients could also advantage of the varied menu at the large and cosy restaurant. On the second and the third floors are the offices af the managing personnel - the executive directors, the financial, development and marketing departments.


Attached to the administrative building is the the  new large warehouse. It is completely equipped for all loading and unloading activities, machines for cutting of cables and for product packaging.  At that time has also been launched a new module "Logistics" as part of the integrated software system used in the comapny.


FILKAB distributes its products directly or via its regional partners in most of the big cities in Bulgaria. The firm invests annually in opening and developing of own commercial and logistics premises in order to meet its clients' requirements for speed and promptness of services and deliveries.


In the last three years three branch offices have been opened in Burgas, Ruse and Varna - main and key Bulgarian cities. In 2007 FILKAB established two companies abroad - in Romania and Macedonia. This year shall be opened the renewed and bigger shop in Veliko Tarnovo, and the other representative offices modernized.


Looking forward to meeting you in our new house...