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Schneider Electric has presented a new range of emergency lighting equipment

With more than 30 years of expirience in the production of emergency lighting, Schneider Electric guarantee the reliability of their products in any situation. Thanks to the used LEDs in stand-by regime, the luminaries, distinguished for their reduced energy consumption, increase the energy effectiveness of the whole building.


The emergency lighting guarantees the safety of people in public buildings. Their simple design provide for their easy mounting and maintenance. They are also compatible with remote controls Teleur which simplifies the testing procedure.


Switching on automatically in case of circuit failure, the illuminants provide:


• clear notation of emergency exits;

• safe evacuation of people outside the building;

• additional lighting of the building for one to three hours more;


The fittings meet the requirements of European standards EN 60598-1 и EN 60598-2-22 and guarantee high quality and safety.






Complete and catalogue information you could require from any branch of FILKAB JSCo.:








V. Tarnovo