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Siemens introduces the new S7-1215C CPU and two new modules











The new SIMATIC S7-1215C will be introduced together with the CPU firmware 3.0.


The new SIMATIC S7-1215C provides the following features in addition to the existing S7-1200 product portfolio:

  • Two integrated PROFINET controller ports
  • Larger user memory
    • 100 KB work memory
    • 4 MB load memory
    • 10 KB retentive data
  • 85 ns execution time for boolean operations
  • 2 Analog inputs / 2 analog outputs (both 0 - 10V) onboard
  • 14 Digital inputs / 10 digital outputs onboard
  • 6 Integrated HSCs (High-Speed Counters) - 3 with 100 kHz & 3 with 30 kHz
  • 4 Integrated PTOs (Pulse Train Outputs) to simultaneously control up to 4 stepper motors
  • Firmware update via PROFINET port
  • Realtime clock with 20-day power reserve (typically)
  • Extended temperature range of -20°C to +60°C


Additional New Hardware

  • SM 1231 4 x AI 16Bit
    4 channel analog input signal module SM 1231 with 16-bit resolution
    Voltage: ± 10 V DC, ±5 V DC, ±2.5 V DC, ±1.25 V DC
    Current: 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA (with wire break recognition)
  • BB 1297
    Battery Board to extend the power reserve of the realtime clock of the S7-1200 to up to one year
    Plugs into the Signal Board slot of a S7-1200 with FW3.0 and higher
    Evaluation of the battery status by the user program to indicate the need to replace the standard button cell
    Standard button cell CR1025 is not included in the scope of delivery


Requirements to be able to use the described functionalities:

SIMATIC S7-1200 with firmware version 3.0 and higher
STEP7 Engineering System version V11 SP2 Update 3 and higher
Hardware Support Packages for S7-1200 FW3.0


Compatibility and necessary components:

STEP7 Professional / Basic
The new SIMATIC S7-1215C can be programmed with STEP7 Basic V11 SP2 Update3 or higher.
Programming the SIMATIC S7-1215C with older STEP7 versions or with STEP 7 Micro/WIN is not possible.


Ordering Information:

Product Name

Order Number

List Price w/o VAT

CPU 1215C AC/DC/Rly


870,34 BGN



870,34 BGN

CPU 1215C DC/DC/Rly


870,34 BGN

SM 1231, 4x analog input 16 Bit


557,41 BGN

BB 1297, Battery Board


88,01 BGN