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The latest generation of LOGO! by SIEMENS



The latest generation of our pioneering logic module offers you even more convenience for operation and configuration. Advances in the performance have also been achieved: compared to their predecessors, the performances of the new devices have  been optimized even further. If existing systems have to be upgraded, it is only necessary to renew the basic devices. The expansion and communications modules are compatible, and programs from earlier LOGO! generations can be used further or adapted.




Performance optimized further


The new LOGO! offers a program memory expanded by more than 50 % - now with 200 function blocks. The effective performance is even higher since many of the function blocks have also been optimized further, the number of digital inputs which can be used for analog functions has been doubled to four, and four inputs can be used as fast counters up to a frequency of 5 kHz.


Better overview, new possibilities


The new LOGO! offers maximum transparency in practice:  up to 50 four-line message texts with up to 32 characters per line clearly display all relevant machine parameters. Well thought-out options such as ticker text, bar graph or toggle parameters go a step further. Additional applications are made possible by new function blocks for arithmetic functions and pulse width modulation. And not to be forgotten: the Teleservice option which means that an expensive on-site servicing visit is often unnecessary - which particularly pays off if your systems are widely scattered.


Additional text display


You can now connect an additional text display to the new LOGO! This is perfectly tailored to the requirements of a logic module. A communications module is not required for the connection. A true highlight: configuration is carried out using the same function block as that for the internal display. You decide whether message texts are output on the internal or external display - or on both. For example, you can output messages relevant to operation on the text display, and service information only in the switching cabinet. The background illumination of both displays can of course be switched by the program, and also used for continuous operation.



The latest generation of LOGO! by SIEMENS You can find in Filkab JSCo, Electrical Equipment and Automation Devices Dept.