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The new Simatic S7-1500 controller

With integrated motion control,
security and safety functions, the scalable line is easily commissioned with
Siemens TIA Portal engineering software. Also, for the first time, the
controllers feature a convenient color display for full plant transparency.

            The S7-1500 family features a fast backplane bus with a
high baud rate and efficient transmission protocol, ensuring maximum overall
system performance.  All controllers in the S7-1500 family have two,
built-in, standard, Profinet interfaces. The largest controller in the line has
an additional Profinet interface onboard with a separate IP address, allowing
network isolation to integrate into the corporate network.

            Standard motion control functions enable analog and
Profidrive-compatible drives to be connected without additional modules. The
controllers support speed and positioning axes, as well as encoders. 
PLCopen standardized blocks further simplify connecting Profidrive-compatible

            Siemens Security Integrated concept extends from block
protection to communication integrity.  For copy protection, program
blocks can be bound to the serial number of the memory card to ensure that the
programs run only with the configured memory card and cannot be copied. 
Access protection safeguards the application from unauthorized configuration
changes by allowing different user groups to be assigned separate rights, based
on authorization levels.  Special functionality is also included to
recognize modified engineering data in order to prohibit unauthorized
manipulation of the data transmitted to the controller.

            The F-version (failsafe) function of the new controllers
provides both standard and safety-related programs. A central Safety
Administration Editor helps define and modify safety parameters. The
controllers are certified in accordance with EN 61508 for functional safety and
are suitable for use in safety-relevant applications up to SIL 3 according to
IEC 62061 and PL e according to ISO 13849.

            The S7-1500 controllers are integrated into Siemens TIA
Portal engineering framework. The software offers a standardized operating
concept for controller, HMI and drives, shared data storage and automatic data
consistency throughout the project, as well as powerful libraries covering all
automation objects.  The new Version 12 of the TIA Portal is characterized
by greater functionality, automatic system diagnostics, integrated safety
functionality, powerful Profinet communication, integrated security and
optimized programming languages.

            The hardware design of the Simatic S7-1500 contains
numerous innovations focusing on ease of use.  For example, a standardized
front connector with designed in "pre-wiring" position saves time and
simplifies wiring.  Also, the controllers' color display, a first on a
Siemens CPU, provides detailed plain text information for full plant