Through the years of its development FILKAB JSCo. has established and kept successful business relations with many Bulgarian and European suppliers. Thanks to our business contacts we are able to offer to our customers products, services and attendance of high quality and under best conditions.


Correctness, safety, excellent organization and mutual satisfaction make our partners our true friends.


FILKAB JSCo. is exclusive representative for Bulgaria,  commercial partner and distributor of European and Bulgarian leading companies.




Siemens was founded by Werner von Siemens on 12 October 1847. Siemens AG is Europe's largest engineering conglomerate. Worldwide, Siemens is one of the largest companies in the electronics and electrical engineering. The company provides innovative technologies and in-depth know-how of clients in 190 countries. Founded more than 160 years, Siemens is leading in the sectors in which it has focused the company's portfolio, namely industry, energy and health. The organizational structure includes two fields which cover the activities and the three sectors of activity of the company. These are: Siemens IT Solutions and Services and Siemens Financial Services. With our outstanding innovative strength, our worldwide presence and our obligation to act sustainably, we provide answers to the toughest questions of our time.


Schneider Electric is a French global company.  It was founded in 1836 by two brothers, Eugène I and Adolphe Schneider. From 1836 until today, Schneider Electric has become a global company specializing in the energy field. Launched by the steel industry, heavy engineering and shipbuilding, it passes into the energy management and automation. After 170 years history, Schneider Electric now offers solutions to help you make the most of its energy. From 1990 Schneider Electric presents in Bulgaria through brands Merlin Gerin and Telemechanique, which in 1993 merged into a commercial representation, and in 1998 Schneider Electric founds in Sofia - Schneider Electric Bulgaria Ltd.

logo_5cm_farbe_120_01   Systeme Helmholz GmbH is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of components and systems for the automation industry. Founded in 1988 as a firm of engineering consultants, we can now look back on many years experience in the field of industrial automation.In addition to the familiar Simatic-compatible modules, communication is the central speciality of Systeme Helmholz. Based on extensive know-how in industrial automation, we offer our customers solutions and components for remote service, Ethernet links, CAN bus connection, and for PROFIBUS. Our core competences also include tailored solutions to meet the special requirements of our customers. This option gives our customers decisive competitive advantages on the international market. Market-oriented, effective development and optimized production and logistics permit fast response with a high level of quality.

Philips is a multinational Dutch electronics corporation. Philips is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. Philips is organized in a number of sectors: Philips Consumer Lifestyle (formerly Philips Consumer Electronics and Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care), Philips Lighting and Philips Healthcare (formerly Philips Medical Systems). The company was founded in 1891 by Gerard Philips, a maternal cousin of Karl Marx, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Its first products were light bulbs and other electro-technical equipment.  In the 1920s, the company started to manufacture other products, such as vacuum tubes (also known worldwide as 'valves').  In 1927 they acquired the British electronic valve manufacturers Mullard and in 1932 the German tube manufacturer Valvo, both of which became subsidiaries.


The General Electric Company, or GE, is an American multinational conglomerate corporation incorporated in the State of New York. In 2009, Forbes ranked GE as the world's largest company. The company has 323,000 employees around the world. GE has the fourth most recognized brand in the world, worth almost $48 billion. General Electric was formed by the 1892 merger of Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Company. The U.S. trademark for "GE" was first filed on July 24, 1899. The description for GE provided to the USPTO in their filing was, "dynamo-electric machines, induction devices, electric translating devices, electric lamps, electric measuring instruments, electric protective devices, switchboards appliances, wiring devices, and supplies." Their application indicates that the GE trademark was continuously used in their business since May, 1899. Trademark registration date for GE was September 9, 1900.




Q-Cells SE is founded by the three Berlin engineers Holger Feist, Paul Grunow and Rainer Lemoine together with Anton Milner from the UK. Q. Cells is a leading global manufacturer of photovoltaic systems. Founded in 1999, Q-Cells SE began producing silicon solar cells in the first half of 2001 with just 19 employees. Nowadays it has a workforce exceeding 2,000. Since it's founding in 1999 Q. Cells become one of the largest manufacturers of solar cells. In creating their products, they put a real pioneering spirit, innovative solutions and a sense of quality in working towards sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies. Applying experience gained from photovoltaic cells, Q. Cells produce and modules with perfect quality. To strengthen their position on the world market, alongside its headquarters in Bitterfeld-Wolfen they are now putting the finishing touches to their new production facility in Malaysia. Apart from its core business, they develop and produce thin-film solar modules using different technologies. 

 logstrup_188_01   Logstrup has been involved in the design and manufacture of Low Voltage Systems for more than 55 years. Since 1958, the company has evolved from a local electrical appliance shop to a global innovative company. The first modular system (B-modul) allowed Logstrup to design and build all types of switchboards from a standard range of parts. Since then the modular system has been developed into a flexible, high standard, quality product. Logstrup currently has 300 employees in four countries. The headquarters are located in Kvistgaard, Denmark, with subsidiaries in Tuam, Ireland; Malmö, Sweden and Manchester, UK. The company has a leading innovative force with a global network of licensed assembly partners in more than 80 countries.