Incorporated in 1990, TAVRIDA ELECTRIC emerged from a research laboratory founded by Dr. Michael Chaly. This laboratory was located within the Institute of Industrial Design situated in the city of Sevastopol on the coast of the Black Sea.


Since 1967 the laboratory had been involved in the research and development of vacuum switchgear products, mainly for naval applications.


In 1974 the laboratory produced a prototype of a medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) for civil applications. In 1989 an essentially new design of VCB was developed. It has now become known worldwide as a maintenance-free VCB with magnetic actuators.


Today TAVRIDA ELECTRIC has companies manufacturing switchgear basic modules in Russia; R&D and Test center, as well as component production take place in Ukraine. In addition, companies involved in the marketing and assembly of finished products spread throughout the world (Russia, Ukraine, China, Estonia, Germany, Australia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Mongolia and Vietnam). By its 14th anniversary Tavrida Electric had grown into a leading industrial group that trades successfully in more than 40 countries worldwide.


TAVRIDA ELECTRIC  designs and manufactures all vital parts of the vacuum circuit breakers in-house. Extremely compact vacuum interrupters and magnetic actuators are the result of intensive fundamental research and material testing. Optimal selection of components and materials result in the lightest and most compact vacuum circuit breaker in the world today.

Our modular vacuum circuit breaker concept consists of the switching module ISM and the control module CM and both resemble the integral function of a conventional circuit breaker. This has the advantages of being very compact and allowing flexible mounting positions.

The combination of vacuum switching technology with state-of-the-art magnetic actuators, driven by the separately mounted CM, guarantees maximum reliability and maintenance free operation throughout the entire 25 year lifespan.

The concept has been proven with more than 65 replacement solutions for old circuit breakers in various types of switchgears. Another successful application is outdoor switching modules. Combined with unique current and voltage sensors as well as a powerful protection and control package TAVRIDA ELECTRIC offers state of the art autorecloser.


TAVRIDA offers also the KTR / OSM/ 15 and KTR /OSM/ 27 Automatic Circuit Recloser designed for use on overhead distribution lines and distribution substation applications for voltage classes of 15kV and 27kV respectively. The product is supplied complete with the RC Control Cubicle. The RC Control Cubicle is a microprocessor based controller that provides protection, data logging and communication functions in a single device.


The KTR has been designed for use as a stand alone device or can be easily integrated into distribution automation and remote control schemes using the built-in communications capability. The product has been extensively type tested by independent /KEMA/ and Tavrida Electric laboratories to ensure a long life and excellent reliability. The product uses technology developed and refined over the last decade by Tavrida Electric.



Automatic Circuit Reclosers 15kV&27kV


MV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Modules