Floodlights IP44 with Halogen Lamps

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  • Waterproof floodlights with a different angle of light emission and of different power. Post fixing. Accessories for automatic commutation.


Our No. Description Rated Lamp Wattage (W) Measure unit Price
303001211 Floodlighting 150W Hg with motion sensor 150W pc. Call us Ask
303001212 Floodlighting 1000W Hg 1000W pc. Call us Ask
303001213 Floodlighting 1500W without motion sensor 1500W pc. Call us Ask
303001214 Floodlighting KKGT35 500W without motion sensor 500W pc. Call us Ask
303001215 Floodlighting KKGT35C 500W with motion sensor without Hg lamp 500W pc. Call us Ask
303001216 Floodlighting KKGT35 150W without Hg lamp 150W pc. Call us Ask