• Electrical Installation from A to Z Whether ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA or DELTA - with our Electrical Installation from A to Z you'll always hit the bull's eye. !

  • SIRIUS Modular System The unique SIRIUS Modular System offers everything which is required for switching, protecting and starting motors and plants. This is a modular range of standard components up to 250 kW/400 V (400 HP/480 V) where everything is optimally harmonized with one another. This means the components can be simply combined and the same accessories can be used. Industrial con- trols can be this easy!

  • Switching and Protecting with SENTRON Everything. SENTRON.From reliable switch disconnectors to intelligent circuit-breakers.

  • Low-Voltage Frequency Inverters The family of MICROMASTER frequency inverters address drive applications in the power range extending from 0.12 kW up to 250 kW. From simple applications with voltage-frequency control (V/f control) or complex applications with closed-loop vector control and encoder feedback
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  • SIMATIC industrial automation systems With SIMATIC products, you will always be one step ahead of the competition: S7 programmable controller systems, decentralized I/Os, industry software, programming devices and industrial PCs, pioneering solutions for operating and monitoring as well as MES systems and the PCS 7 process control system. The SIMATIC is the heart of Totally Integrated Automation.

  • Process Instrumentation Devices for measuring and positioning, recording and regulating form an essential part of a system for the automation of industrial processes.