Power supplies and transformers

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  • Rectified range of Phaseo filtered rectified power supplies are built using a safety transformer fitted with a bridge rectifier and smoothing capacitors. With no regulation system, of simple and rugged construction, their output voltage will withstand mains voltage variations and load variations while remaining within the range defined in standards IEC 1131-2.


Our No. Catalogue No. Description Measure unit Price
401005200175 ABL6TS16U TRF 230-400/230V 160VA pcs. 133.900 Ask
401005200176 ABL6TS10B TRF 230-400/24V 100VA pcs. Call us Ask
402515020010 ABL4RSM24100 SLIM POWER SUPPLY 1P 24V 10A pcs. 301.750 Ask
402515020013 ABL4WSR24300 SLIM POWER SUPPLY 3P 24V 30A pcs. 629.580 Ask
402515020014 ABL4WSR24400 SLIM POWER SUPPLY 3P 24V 40A pcs. Call us Ask
402515020015 ABL6TS02B TRF 230-400/24V 25VA pcs. 67.070 Ask
402515020016 ABL6TS02G TRF 230-400/115V 25VA pcs. 79.040 Ask
402515020017 ABL6TS02J TRF 230-400/12V 25VA pcs. 86.430 Ask
402515020018 ABL6TS02U TRF 230-400/230V 25VA pcs. 79.040 Ask
402515020019 ABL6TS04B TRF 230-400/24V 40VA pcs. 87.640 Ask
402515020020 ABL6TS04G TRF 230-400/115V 40VA pcs. 103.400 Ask
402515020021 ABL6TS04J TRF 230-400/12V 40VA pcs. 89.220 Ask
402515020022 ABL6TS04U TRF 230-400/230V 40VA pcs. 87.640 Ask
402515020023 ABL6TS06B TRF 230-400/24V 63VA pcs. 101.140 Ask
402515020024 ABL6TS06G TRF 230-400/115V 63VA pcs. 108.720 Ask
402515020025 ABL6TS06J TRF 230-400/12V 63VA pcs. 95.600 Ask
402515020026 ABL6TS06U TRF 230-400/230V 63VA pcs. 101.140 Ask
402515020027 ABL6TS100B TRF 230-400/24V 1KVA pcs. 440.730 Ask
402515020028 ABL6TS100G TRF 230-400/115V 1KVA pcs. 428.420 Ask
402515020029 ABL6TS100U TRF 230-400/230 1KVA pcs. 336.990 Ask

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