Time Switches IH, IHP

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  • Time switches are used to accurately and automatically program the operation of heating, lighting, ventilation, access control, bells, roller blinds, etc.


Our No. Catalogue No. Description Measure unit Price
151015331 15331 IH 7D 18MM pcs. 95.500 Ask
151015335 15335 IH 18MM 24H WITHOUT RESERVE 1C pcs. 77.630 Ask
151015336 15336 IH 18MM 24H MEM 1C 16A pcs. 95.500 Ask
151015337 15337 IH 24H MEM 2C 10A pcs. 132.960 Ask
151015338 CCT15338 TIME SWITCHES 60MN WITHOUT POWER RESERVE pcs. 95.500 Ask
151015365 CCT15365 TIME SWITCHES 24H WITH POWER RESERVE pcs. 77.650 Ask
151015850 CCT15420 IHP 1C pcs. 109.040 Ask
151015851 CCT15421 IHP PLUS 1C pcs. 148.470 Ask
151015852 CCT15422 IHP 2C pcs. 139.060 Ask
151015853 CCT15423 IHP PLUS 2C pcs. 165.620 Ask
151015854 15854 DIGITAL TIME SWITCH 25H/7D 18MM 1C 16A W pcs. 155.210 Ask
151015861 CCT15861 IHP PLUS PROGRAMMING KEY pcs. 54.220 Ask