Softstarters Altistar48

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  • The Altistart 48 starter-decelerator is a 6-thryistor graduator used for progressive starting and stopping in torque of three-phase asynchronous cage motors, for powers of between 4 and 1200 kW. It incorporates the progressive starting and deceleration functions machine and motor protection functions and functions for communication with the PLCs. These functions satisfy the most common applications for centrifugal machines, pumps, fans compressors and conveyors, mainly found in the sectors of building food processing and chemistry.


Our No. Catalogue No. Description Measure unit Price
402010020036 ATS48C11Q Софтстартер ATS48 110A 400V pcs. 2479.010 Ask
402010020037 ATS48C11Y Софтстартер ATS48 110A 690V pcs. 2659.440 Ask
402010020038 ATS48C14Q Софтстартер ATS48 140A 400V pcs. 2923.970 Ask
402010020039 ATS48C14Y Софтстартер ATS48 140A 690V pcs. 3132.730 Ask
402010020040 ATS48C17Q Софтстартер ATS48 170A 400V pcs. 3368.920 Ask
402010020041 ATS48C17Y Софтстартер ATS48 170A 690V pcs. 3606.040 Ask
402010020042 ATS48C21Q Софтстартер ATS48 210A 400V pcs. 3813.870 Ask
402010020043 ATS48C21Y Софтстартер ATS48 210A 690V pcs. 4113.110 Ask
402010020044 ATS48C25Q Софтстартер ATS48 250A 400V pcs. 4360.520 Ask
402010020045 ATS48C25Y Софтстартер ATS48 250A 690V pcs. 4687.850 Ask
402010020046 ATS48C32Q Софтстартер ATS48 320A 400V pcs. 5237.710 Ask
402010020047 ATS48C32Y Софтстартер ATS48 320A 690V pcs. 5409.060 Ask
402010020048 ATS48C41Q Софтстартер ATS48 410A 400V pcs. 6416.200 Ask
402010020049 ATS48C41Y Софтстартер ATS48 410A 690V pcs. 7332.800 Ask
402010020050 ATS48C48Q Софтстартер ATS48 480A 400V pcs. 7752.320 Ask
402010020051 ATS48C48Y Софтстартер ATS48 480A 690V pcs. 8970.220 Ask
402010020052 ATS48C59Q Софтстартер ATS48 590A 400V pcs. 9493.990 Ask
402010020053 ATS48C59Y Софтстартер ATS48 590A 690V pcs. 10841.600 Ask
402010020054 ATS48C66Q Софтстартер ATS48 660A 400V pcs. 10475.400 Ask
402010020055 ATS48C66Y Софтстартер ATS48 660A 690V pcs. 11915.800 Ask

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