• Contactors Switching with SIRIUS means high contact reliability and increased service life and application options under extreme conditions.

  • Circuit-breakers SIRIUS 3RV SIRIUS 3RV circuit-breakers are compact, current-limiting circuit-breakers (motor starter protectors MSP). They ensure safe shutdown in the event of a short-circuit and protect motor applications against overload. Furthermore, they are also suitable for manually switching loads under field conditions and safely isolating the load from the main power supply when maintenance work or modifications need to be undertaken.

  • SIRIUS Solid-State Switching Devices SIRIUS solid-state contactors and solid-state relays are optimized for the frequent switching of resistive and motor loads. They don’t contain any mechanically moving parts and thus offer quiet, wear-free and nearly unlimited switching behavior. The devices’ compact design furthermore facilitates their spacesaving assembly in control cabinets.
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  • SIRIUS Soft Starters The new SIRIUS Soft Starter family offers a comprehensive range covering all standard and high-feature motor starter applications, enabling you to benefit from smooth start-up and run-down in a variety of applications for more simple and economic implementation of optimum machine concepts.

  • SIRIUS Overload Relays If overload, phase imbalance or phase failure occur in the main circuit, then it doesn’t look good for the connected load – that is if you are not reliably protected. With SIRIUS overload relays.

  • SIMOCODE pro Motor management system SIMOCODE pro incorporates all motor management/control functions and interlocks, supports the determination of operating, diagnostic and statistic data and enables high-capacity communication between automation levels and load feeders.

  • SIRIUS Relays No matter what kind of relay you're looking for – SIRIUS has the answer. SIRIUS simply offers the most comprehensive range of relay products you'll come across anywhere.

  • Position Switches With the SIRIUS standard position switches, mechanical positions of moved machine parts are converted into electrical signals. Through their modular and uniform design and large number of variants, the devices can meet practically all requirements in industry.

  • Commanding und Signaling with SIRIUS Siemens pushbuttons and indicator lights are characterized by a high degree of functionality and their modern, slim design. Another convincing feature: They are easy to assemble. The actuators, indicators, holders as well as switching and lighting components can be made secure and stable in rapid, one-man assembly.
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