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  • The digital and analog I/O Modules from Systeme Helmholz are suitable for use in S7-300 controllers from Siemens. The modules are very easy to integrate and have following features: Hot-swap compatible, UL and UL Class 1, Div 2 certificated, usable in the main and extention rack. S7-300 is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.


Our No. Catalogue No. Description Measure unit Price
402510070022 700-321-1BH02 700-321-1BH02 DEA300, 16 IN (DC24 V) pcs. 215.140 Ask
402510070023 700-321-1BL00 700-321-1BL00 DEA300, 32 IN (DC24 V) pcs. 461.580 Ask
402510070024 700-321-1BH50 700-321-1BH50 DEA300, 16 IN, m-reading pcs. Call us Ask
402510070025 700-321-7BH01 700-321-7BH01 DEA300, 16 IN, with alerts pcs. 447.890 Ask
402510070026 700-322-1BH01 700-322-1BH01 DEA300, 16 OUT (DC24 V/0,5A) pcs. 297.290 Ask
402510070027 700-322-1BL00 700-322-1BL00 DEA300, 32 OUT (DC24 V/0,5A) pcs. 612.170 Ask
402510070028 700-323-1BH01 700-323-1BH01 DEA300, 8 IN (DC 24 V)/8 OUT (DC 24 V/0,5A) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070029 700-323-1BL00 700-323-1BL00 DEA300, 16 IN (DC24 V)/16 OUT (DC24 V/0,5A) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070030 700-322-1BF01 700-322-1BF01 DEA300, 8 OUT (DC 24 V, 2A) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070031 700-322-1HF10 700-322-1HF10 DEA300, 8 OUT, relays, 5 A pcs. Call us Ask
402510070032 700-322-1HF20 700-322-1HF20 DEA300, 8 OUT, relays, 5 A, snubber pcs. Call us Ask
402510070033 700-322-1HH01 700-322-1HH01 DEA300, 16 OUT, relays, 2 A pcs. Call us Ask
402510070034 700-322-1HF01 700-322-1HF01 DEA300, 8 OUT, relays, 2 A pcs. Call us Ask
402510070035 700-321-1FH00 700-321-1FH00 DEA300, 16 IN, AC 120 V/230 V pcs. Call us Ask
402510070036 700-321-1EL00 700-321-1EL00 DEA300, 32 IN, AC 120 V pcs. Call us Ask
402510070037 900-321-1DE11 900-321-1DE11 Manual DEA300, German/English pcs. Call us Ask
402510070038 700-331-4MA20 700-331-4MA20 AEA 300, 8 current IN for current sensors pcs. Call us Ask
402510070039 700-331-0V010 700-331-0V010 AEA 300, 8 voltage IN, for voltage sensors pcs. Call us Ask
402510070040 700-331-PT100 700-331-PT100 AEA 300, 4 IN, Pt100/Ni100 pcs. Call us Ask
402510070041 700-331-1KF01 700-331-1KF01 AEA 300, 8 IN pcs. Call us Ask

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