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  • The SSW7 permits connection of a PC or laptop with programming software to programmable controllers via any standard COM port. The SSW7-USB permits conversion from a USB interface to the MPI bus for programming software or visualization. The SSW7 has a 1.2 m long MPI connecting cable, which can be directly plugged into the CPU socket of the programmable controller or at any other point in the MPI network. The housing of the SSW7-USB contains a type „B“ USB socket. The SSW7-USB can be connected to the PC via the USB cable supplied. The SSW7-USB is powered from the PC. The SSW7-USB can therefore be used at any point in the MPI bus. The SSW7-HMI is intended for use with operator terminals, visualization equipment or other third-party equipment that supports the Siemens HMI protocol. With the SSW7-RK512 you can connect any operator terminals, visualization equipment, or other third-party equipment to the S7 if they support the RK512 protocol without adapting the software. The SSW7-RK512 transmits data blocks, flags, inputs and outputs. With the SSW200 it is possible to connect a PC with suitable programming software to a S7-200* via any standard COM port. You can set the transmission rate to match your PC with a selector switch. For all SSW7- and NETLink® PRO/USB adapter, we provide DIN rail adapters as an accessory. The MPI adapters can be installed in a bigger distance with the MPI extension cable. The cable also carries the power supply for the MPI adapter.


Our No. Catalogue No. Description Measure unit Price
402510070161 700-751-HSH01 700-751-HSH01 DIN rail adapter, short NETL ink® PRO USB pcs. Call us Ask
402510070162 700-751-SNT01 700-751-SNT01 Power plug for NETL ink® PRO, USB, WLAN pcs. Call us Ask
402510070237 700-751-1VK21 700-751-1VK21 SSW7, RS232 (incl. 3 m prog. cable, CD) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070238 700-752-1VK21 700-752-1VK21 SSW7, RS422 (incl. 3 m progr. manual, CD ) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070239 700-755-1VK21 700-755-1VK21 SSW7-USB, (incl. 3 m USB cable, CD) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070240 700-751-5VK21 700-751-5VK21 SSW7-RK512 (incl. manual) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070241 700-752-5VK21 700-752-5VK21 SSW7-RK512 mit RS422- (incl. manual) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070242 700-751-9VK21 700-751-9VK21 SSW7-HMI (incl. manual) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070245 700-751-MPV01 700-751-MPV01 Multiplexer for MPI/PROFIBUS (incl. inst.) pcs. Call us Ask