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  • Wireless access to the S7 for programming, configuration, data acquisition etc. NetLink WLAN is an Ethernet wireless LAN gateway with a 1.2m MPI/Profibus connecting cable. Can be operated in 'ad hock' or 'infrastructure' mode. Free configuration tool for HTML access to the S7 via a 'web services' interface Antenna not included in supply.


Our No. Catalogue No. Description Measure unit Price
402510070139 700-889-ANT01 700-889-ANT01 2.4 GHz 5 dBi magnbase ant, with 1.5 m pcs. Call us Ask
402510070140 700-889-ANT02 700-889-ANT02 2.4 GHz Omni 8 dBi ant pcs. Call us Ask
402510070141 700-889-ANT03 700-889-ANT03 2.4 GHz Panel 8 dBi ant pcs. Call us Ask
402510070142 700-889-ANT04 700-889-ANT04 2.4 GHz Panel 18 dBi ant pcs. Call us Ask
402510070143 700-889-ANK01 700-889-ANK01 2,4 GHz ant cable, 3 m, 1.7 dB, ? 5 mm pcs. Call us Ask
402510070144 700-889-ANK02 700-889-ANK02 2,4 GHz ant cable, 5 m, 2.8 dB, ? 5 mm pcs. Call us Ask
402510070145 700-889-ANK03 700-889-ANK03 2,4 GHz ant cable, 6 m/1.4 dB, ? 10.3 mm pcs. Call us Ask
402510070146 700-889-ANK04 700-889-ANK04 2,4 GHz ant cable, 10 m, 2.3 dB, ? 10.3 mm pcs. Call us Ask
402510070162 700-751-SNT01 700-751-SNT01 Power plug for NETL ink® PRO, USB, WLAN pcs. Call us Ask
402510070165 700-882-MPI21 700-882-MPI21 NETL ink® WLAN, pcs. Call us Ask
402510070166 900-882-MPI21 900-882-MPI21 Manual NETL ink® WLAN, German/English pcs. Call us Ask
402510070167 700-751-HSH10 700-751-HSH10 DIN rail adapter, long f?r NETL ink® WLAN pcs. Call us Ask