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  • OPC-Server Fast access to S7- and S5 data The S7/S5 OPC server allows you fast and easy access to process data in WinAC, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, C7- and S5 controllers. Addressing of the variables can be performed completely in STEP7 semantics and can, if required, be imported directly from an Excel file or a STEP7 project. With each OPC-compliant client application, you can read or write all input/output data, data blocks, flags, timers and counters in the S7-/S5 controllers. You can also access up to 256 controllers at one time. The control program does not have to be adapted for communication with the S7/S5 OPC server. No detailed knowledge of the PLC program that is running is necessary. New functions and expansions On the S7-300 and S7-400, the DATE_AND_TIME and ASCII strings are supported as additional data formats. OPC Client Controls are now contained in the scope of supply of the S7/S5 OPC server as ActiveX components. The S5 syntax for creating items can now be used. Access to array elements has been improved. Integrated Web server The S7/S5 OPC server features an integrated Web server. This is used for diagnosing the OPC server and for providing its own Web pages for operating and monitoring using any standard browser. The architecture and performance of the Web server is designed for small visualization systems. Flexible connection There are many ways of connecting the controllers to the S7/S5 OPC server such as TCP/IP, PROFIBUS, MPI, PPI or AS511. For communication, Systeme Helmholz GmbH provides the following devices: - SSW7, SSW7-TS, SSW7-USB for MPI - NETLink® PRO, NETLink® USB, NETLink® lite for MPI and PROFIBUS - SSW3 and SSW4 for AS511 Also a selection of communication modules of other manufactures, such as CP243, CP343, and CP443 from Siemens are supported.


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