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  • The Systeme Helmholz GmbH offers you a wide spectrum of PROFIBUS components for different applications, the components can be employed flexible. Thereby additional features like diagnostic or repeating increase the value of benefit.


Our No. Catalogue No. Description Measure unit Price
402510070047 700-153-1AA03 700-153-1AA03 PAS 153 (incl. CD with GSD file) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070093 700-390-1AB60 700-390-1AB60 Mounting rail,length 160 mm pcs. Call us Ask
402510070094 700-390-1SO01 700-390-1SO01 Mounting rail,length 320 mm pcs. Call us Ask
402510070095 700-390-1AE80 700-390-1AE80 Mounting rail,length 482 mm pcs. Call us Ask
402510070096 700-390-1AF30 700-390-1AF30 Mounting rail,length 530 mm pcs. Call us Ask
402510070097 700-390-1AJ30 700-390-1AJ30 Mounting rail,length 830 mm pcs. Call us Ask
402510070098 700-390-1BC00 700-390-1BC00 Mounting rail,length 2000 mm pcs. Call us Ask
402510070099 700-390-6BA01 700-390-6BA01 Mounting rail adapter for DIN rail pcs. Call us Ask
402510070100 700-972-0BA12 700-972-0BA12 90°, without prog. pcs. 52.810 Ask
402510070101 700-972-0BB12 700-972-0BB12 90°, with prog. device connector, pcs. 68.450 Ask
402510070102 700-972-0BA41 700-972-0BA41 35°, without prog. device connector pcs. 53.790 Ask
402510070103 700-972-0BB41 700-972-0BB41 35°, mit PG-Anschlussbuchse, screw terminals pcs. 69.430 Ask
402510070104 700-972-0CA12 700-972-0CA12 axial cable outlet, screw terminals pcs. Call us Ask
402510070105 700-972-0BA50 700-972-0BA50 90° EasyConnect®, solid, pcs. Call us Ask
402510070106 700-972-0BB50 700-972-0BB50 90° EasyConnect®, solid, + pcs. Call us Ask
402510070107 700-972-0FA50 700-972-0FA50 90° EasyConnect®, flexible, pcs. Call us Ask
402510070108 700-972-0FB50 700-972-0FB50 90° EasyConnect®, flexible, + pcs. Call us Ask
402510070109 700-972-0BA51 700-972-0BA51 angled EasyConnect®, solid, pcs. 53.790 Ask
402510070110 700-972-0BB51 700-972-0BB51 angled EasyConnect®,solid, + pcs. 69.430 Ask
402510070111 700-972-0FA51 700-972-0FA51 angled EasyConnect®, flexible, pcs. Call us Ask

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