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  • The SSW7-TS can be used to teleservice your system via a modem connection. For this, you can connect a commercially available external modem (analog, ISDN, GSM) to the RS232-interface of the SSW7-TS. For local use, you simply connect the RS232 interface of the SSW7-TS to your PC. The SSW7-TS automatically detects the baud rate (9.6–115.2 kBaud) used by the PC. At the system end, you can connect the SSW7-TS to an MPI network with 187.5 or 19.2 kbps.The PC must be installed with the teleservice module for the programming software (e.g. TeleService for Simatic* STEP* 7) so that the SSW7-TS can be parameterized if necessary, and the modem connection maintained. Without modems or the teleservice module the SSW7-TS can be operated at the machine as a SSW7. With the TS 300, teleservice of a system can be performed via the MPI bus. The TS 300 has a single-width S7-300* housing for mounting on the sectional rail. A 56k modem is integrated into the housing of the TS 300 that is prepared for use worldwide. A flash update is no longer necessary. TAE and RJ11 cables are included in the scope of supply. As alternatives, versions with ISDN or GSM modem are also available. The TS 300 can establish an MPI link with the CPU via the backplane bus. The power supply is also drawn from the backplane bus. Therefore, for installation of a teleservice solution, only the phone line is required. The TS 300 does not need to be configured in the hardware configuration of the PLC and can therefore be retrofitted at any time.


Our No. Catalogue No. Description Measure unit Price
402510070099 700-390-6BA01 700-390-6BA01 Mounting rail adapter for DIN rail pcs. Call us Ask
402510070151 700-390-1XA04 700-390-1XA04 Mounting rail, 40 mm pcs. Call us Ask
402510070156 700-884-MPI21 700-884-MPI21 NETL ink® PRO Compact pcs. Call us Ask
402510070157 900-884-MPI21 900-884-MPI21 Manual NETL ink® PRO Compact German/English pcs. Call us Ask
402510070158 700-881-MPI11 700-881-MPI11 NETL ink® PRO pcs. 936.840 Ask
402510070159 700-881-MPI12 700-881-MPI12 NETL ink® PRO with 35° cable outlet pcs. Call us Ask
402510070160 900-881-MPI11 900-881-MPI11 Manual NETL ink® PRO, German/English pcs. Call us Ask
402510070165 700-882-MPI21 700-882-MPI21 NETL ink® WLAN, pcs. Call us Ask
402510070166 900-882-MPI21 900-882-MPI21 Manual NETL ink® WLAN, German/English pcs. Call us Ask
402510070169 700-892-MPI21 700-892-MPI21 NETL ink® USB Compact (incl. CD) pcs. 741.260 Ask
402510070170 900-892-MPI21 900-892-MPI21 Manual NETL ink® USB Compact, Ger/English pcs. Call us Ask
402510070171 700-890-MPI11 700-890-MPI11 NETL ink® USB pcs. Call us Ask
402510070172 900-890-MPI11 900-890-MPI11 Manual NETL ink® USB, German/English pcs. Call us Ask
402510070175 700-891-MPI21 700-891-MPI21 NETL ink® SLOT USB pcs. Call us Ask
402510070176 900-891-MPI21 900-891-MPI21 Manual NETL ink® SLOT USB, German/English pcs. Call us Ask
402510070192 700-751-8VK21 700-751-8VK21 SSW7-TS (incl. manual, CD with software) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070193 700-751-8MD21 700-751-8MD21 SSW7-TS with modem analog ( CD ) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070194 700-751-8IS21 700-751-8IS21 SSW7-TS with modem ISDN (incl CD) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070195 700-751-8GS21 700-751-8GS21 SSW7-TS with modem GSM CD) pcs. Call us Ask
402510070196 700-770-8MD41 700-770-8MD41 SSW7-TS PRO analog (incl. CD) pcs. Call us Ask

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