TO-PASS® Telecontrol Technology

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  • Hardware and Software Modules. WAGO offers a wide range of modular and perfectly matched TO-PASS® components. At any time, from nearly anywhere in the world, TO-PASS® allows stand-alone monitoring of remote objects — even in harsh outdoor conditions." A GSM network allows TO-PASS® modules to communicate wirelessly, freeing them from data lines or radio links. Data can be sent to a user-selected destination address (e.g., WAGO Web portal) and easily accessed from any browser. Remote access ensures a high degree of system availability, while simultaneously relieving service personnel from the burden of performing time-consuming, on-site inspections. With an appropriate GSM service provider's contract, wireless connection is more efficient and cost-effective than a standard wired connection. Remote access, a range of 400 I/O modules, and IEC 60870/IEC 61850 telecontrol protocols are just some of options available for remote monitoring applications.


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