• Variety by current, tariffs and type of measurement.


Our No. Description Measure unit Price
301601012060 Power meter Actaris ACE2000 1P 2t 5-60A/220V with timer pcs 60.900 Ask
301601032060 Power meter Iskra ME162 1Р 2t, static, direct pcs 60.730 Ask
301601032260 Power meter WS0021, 230V 1Р, Class 1, DIN with timer pcs 60.000 Ask
301603011100 Power meter Actaris ACE3000 3P 1t 3Х5-100A/400V pcs 158.200 Ask
301603012100 Power meter Actaris ACE3000 3P 2t 3Х5-100A/400V pcs 175.000 Ask
301603013100 Power meter Actaris ACE3000 3P 3t 3Х5-100A/400V pcs 193.200 Ask
301603015000 Power meter Actaris T2C114W-1/6RID 3X5A 220/380V pcs 203.000 Ask
301603015005 Electrometer Actaris SL761B071 3P, Class 0.5, indirect pcs 574.000 Ask
301603015010 Electrometer Actaris SL761C071 3P, Class 1, indirect pcs 588.000 Ask
301603016100 Electrometer Actaris ACE6000, Class 0.5 pcs 620.000 Ask