Timepieces and Controllers

  • For controling of the switch over of the tariffs in electrometer.


Our No. Description Measure unit Price
301610040001 Change-over switch Talento 2-tariff pcs 32.210 Ask
301610040002 Change-over switch Talento 111mini, 220-240V 50Hz, switch.time 30min pcs 33.080 Ask
301610040003 Change-over switch Talento 211mini 230V AC/130V DC switch. time 30min pcs 47.200 Ask
301610040004 Change-over switch Talento 3-tariff pcs 68.320 Ask
301610060001 Change-over switch electronic Phonotronica-2 pcs 63.000 Ask
301610990001 Street Lighting Controler pcs 63.170 Ask
301611070001 Switching device for stairs lighting ACE-5 pcs 11.200 Ask
301611070003 Switching device for stairs lighting СА 01, 30...300s, 220V, 50/60 Hz pcs 11.030 Ask
301611700002 Switching device for stairs lighting АСА-1 pcs 10.080 Ask
301620091018 Motion Detector HL482 180D, surface-mounting, White pcs 10.410 Ask
301620091036 Motion Detector HL480 360D, surface-mounting, White pcs 10.920 Ask
301620100036 Motion Detector 360D 5sec - 30min, IP20, flash-mounting, White pcs 76.280 Ask
301620101136 Motion Detector Plexo, 360D, 0-12m, Gray, surface-mounting, IP65 pcs 127.130 Ask
301621040001 Photo sensor Turnus 200, 2.…200lux, On/Off 20…120s, 220-240V 50/60Hz pcs 47.910 Ask
301621050001 Photo sensor, electonic FR1 10A/220V pcs 9.520 Ask
301621050002 Photo sensor, electonic FR2 10A/220V with external sensor pcs 17.300 Ask