Wall Mounted Boxes

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  • For inserting in wall. Variants with different function and sizes.

Our No. Catalogue No. Description Type Form Dimentions, mm Measure unit Price
303001010001 - Instrument box Instrument box round Ф65/45mm pcs 0.080 Ask
303001010002 IMT35101 Instrument box Multifix Ф68/60mm, coupling Instrument box round Ф68/60mm pcs 0.390 Ask
303001040001 KP 67/3KA Instrument box KР 67/3 Instrument box round Ф70/45mm pcs 0.430 Ask
303001040002 KP 67/2KA Instrument box KР 67/3, coupling Instrument box round Ф70/45mm pcs 0.430 Ask
303001040003 KP68KA Instrument box KР 68 Instrument box round Ф73/42mm pcs 0.340 Ask
303001050001 89239 Instrument box 3М, 106/71mm, IT STD Instrument box square 106/71mm pcs 1.730 Ask
303001050002 89249 Instrument box 4М, 130/71mm, IT STD Instrument box square 130/71mm pcs 2.560 Ask
303001050003 89250 Instrument box 6М, 186/71mm, IT STD Instrument box square 186/71mm pcs 3.830 Ask
303001060001 08-21022-002 Instrument box 08-21022-002 Ф70/40mm, coupling, Courbi Instrument box round Ф70/40mm pcs 0.240 Ask
303001070001 IMT35100 Instrument box Multifix Ф65/45mm, coupling Instrument box round Ф65/45mm pcs 0.330 Ask
303003010001 - Junction box, round, with cover Junction box round Ф72/30mm pcs 0.160 Ask
303003010002 - Junction box 80/80mm Junction box square 80/80mm pcs 0.390 Ask
303003019001 - Cover for round junction box Cover round Ф72mm pcs 0.120 Ask
303003019002 - Cover for junction box 80/80mm Cover square 80/80mm pcs 0.400 Ask
303003040001 KU 68-1902KA Junction box KU 68 - 1902 Junction box round Ф73/42mm pcs 0.350 Ask
303003040002 KO 97/5KA Junction box KO97/5, Ф103/50mm Junction box round Ф103/50mm pcs 0.900 Ask
303003040003 KO 100KA Junction box KO100, 107/107/50mm Junction box square 107/107/50mm pcs 1.420 Ask
303003040004 KO 100 EKA Junction box KO100E, 128/128/70mm Junction box square 128/128/70mm pcs 2.150 Ask
303003040005 KO 125KA Junction box KO125, 134/134/72,5mm Junction box square 134/134/72,5mm pcs 2.710 Ask
303003040006 KO 125 EKA Junction box KO125Е, 150/150/77mm Junction box square 150/150/77mm pcs 4.280 Ask

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